Hey everyone! Happy New Year 🙂 can’t believe it’s 2019… Hope everyone had a great holiday and a awesome new Year’s!! I have some big news for everyone. In life I have set many goals for a long time I have wanted to move to California  to have a fresh start. Well on December 13th that goal was accomplished and I officially moved to California!!!!

I am now officially representing Avery biomedical here in this beautiful state. I made this big move all by myself and that is a huge accomplishment. I hope that I can continue to inspire others with everything I do in life especially this. I want to tell everyone that now that I’m representing Avery biomedical in California. I hope that I can spread the word to more patients here and help more people gain Independence I also would love to follow up with patients in or meet with prospective new patients.

I am available Monday through Friday so if anyone needs me I would like to speak more about the diaphragm pacemaker or knows anyone in the California area that would like to learn more please contact me!! I really look forward to spreading our mission and informing those that might be potential candidates for the  diaphragm pacemaker and about our system