Hello everyone!!! I have an exciting Nicole’s Corner for you this week. It’s all about my first trip to Toronto, Canada for the 2017 Chest Conference.

I arrived in Toronto on October 28th. Even though the weather wasn’t so great, it was still a beautiful city. The first day that I was there I used to explore!

The second day we were there I was able to go to the conference center where Chest was being held. I had the opportunity to set up for Avery Biomedical’s booth. Even though I was nervous it was still an exciting experience.
It was my first time attending a conference for Avery Biomedical and speaking at a booth with so many physicians. The first day went great. Once I started talking to those who visited our booth, I became more comfortable.

After the first day of the conference I went to the CN tower! I had the amazing opportunity to be 1,800 feet above the ground, overlooking the city of Toronto. There were many different levels and angles that you can look from. The view was breathtaking!

On the second day of the conference we got even more visitors to our booth. It was a great experience to inform those physicians that came to our booth that were unfamiliar with the diaphragm pacemaker.

After the second day of the conference I decided to celebrate Halloween and go to the aquarium in the heart of Toronto. The experience I had in the aquarium was serene and fun at the same time. We got to see all different kinds of fish that you would never see in the U.S. and even got to see a hammerhead shark up close.

The highlights for me of my first time attending a conference and having a booth for Avery Biomedical, were that I got to share my story with so many physicians and show them that I have come such a long way since receiving the diaphragm pacemaker. I also would not have been able to travel out of the country with such simplicity if I didn’t have the pacemaker.