Diaphragm Paralysis

Breathing pacemakers are indicated for patients with diaphragm paralysis who would otherwise be completely or partially dependent on mechanical ventilation so long as the phrenic nerve(s) and diaphragm(s) are intact. Patients with diseases in which the phrenic nerves have completely demyelinated, such as advanced ALS, or the diaphragm muscle is irreversibly atrophied,such as muscular dystrophy, are not candidates for diaphragm pacing.



This is the Face of Ukraine "A real Christmas miracle!" Davyd and his family currently live in Ukraine. Last year, Davyd was implanted with the Avery diaphragm pacemaker. He now has the ability to breathe on his own and is only dependent on a ventilator for one hour a day. His family says [...]




Richard exploring the world with his Avery system Richard was implanted with the Avery system by Dr. Keith Mortman at the George Washington University Hospital in August of 2018. Prior to being implanted with Avery’s Diaphragm Pacing System, his diaphragm paralysis was hindering his quality of life.  Richard stated that he used to [...]




Michael loves his Avery Pacemaker! In 2005, Michael began to exhibit difficulty breathing. After an extensive workup and an unsuccessful trial with C-Pap, he was provided with a chest cuirass. About one week later, he suffered a stroke to the brain stem which paralyzed his diaphragm. Mike was left no other option [...]




Libanier enjoying life with the Avery Pacemaker Libanier was only 6 years old when he was hit by a car. Even though he experienced a typical childhood, at the age of 16 he began to feel very weak and was diagnosed with post traumatic syringomyelia. In June 2014, while traveling to the [...]


Monica Finishes a 5K While Pacing!


Monica finishing a 5k with her friends Monica suffered damage to the upper motor neuron portion of her right-side phrenic nerve and was diagnosed with unilateral diaphragm paralysis. In May 2015, she was implanted with the Avery Diaphragm Pacemaker by Dr. Don Headley at St Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Monica states, “the [...]

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Tina loving life with her Avery Pacemaker Tina lives in Tennessee with her husband and daughter. In October 2008, Tina suffered with pneumonia that lingered for nine months. Doctors later diagnosed Tina with a rare and congenital condition, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin. The deficiency of Alpha-1 can cause severe breathing difficulties in adults (central hypoventilation) [...]