Hey everyone! I’m back with another Nicole’s corner 🙂 I have another Adventure to tell you all about. For this Nicole’s corner I’m going to tell you all about my most recent trip to Disney and Florida.
I was in Florida for 10 days and felt very accomplished all the things I was able to do. I saw all of my family that I was not able to see for a long time and even went to Disney which I have not gone in 5 years!!! For us disney fans five years is like a lifetime!
For the first 5 days I stayed on Disney grounds and got to go to three out of four parks. The highlights for me we’re going on my favorite ride Tower of Terror and my new favorite ride which I got to try for the first time test track. I also got to meet all of my favorite characters including Mickey Minnie and my favorite princess of all Belle! I ate some of the best food I’ve ever had I got to spend time with my aunt and uncle.
For the second half of the trip I caught up with some old friends and family members that I haven’t seen in years. It felt so good to see everyone and get to spend special time together.
What also made this trip so special and unique is that I was able to go with just two nurses and myself for 10 days and feel so much Independence!!! Not many people with a spinal cord injury like myself are able to do this when they are on a ventilator but because of my avery diaphragm pacemaker I am able to go on adventures like this pretty often 🙂 everyone always is in shock by what I do and I feel so honored that I could share my story with all of you and hopefully inspire many others! 🙂