I hope everyone had a great weekend! For this week’s Nicole’s corner, I’m going to tell you about my many Disney World adventures in Florida. I have been to Disney World about 6 times.

My first time was when I was about 5 years old I went for a huge family reunion. My most memorable moment of this time was meeting Whining the Pooh, and getting one big picture of my entire family. Even though I was very young it was something I will never forget.

The next two times I went to Disney was on the Disney cruise ship. Both these times I got to go to the magic kingdom and spent the whole day there and I even got to go on a tour behind the scenes of the park. Besides going to Disney World, the Disney cruise was so much fun because I got to see all my favorite characters and have so much independence. I can’t wait to go on another cruise!

I also got to go to Disney when I first graduated high school. This was in 2009. I went with my Aunt Uncle Brother and Nanny. I also got to see friends and family while visiting. When we went to the Hollywood studios park I took a chance and went on the Tower of Terror ride for the first time! Since that moment it has become my favorite ride. The Tower of Terror drops you 12 stories at a really fast speed and gives you a huge rush!

The next time we went was in 2010. This time when I went I got to stay at the Animal Kingdom hotel which was an amazing experience because outside every room were animals from Africa. We visited every park on this trip and had a blast! Of course, I went on the Tower of Terror again and loved every minute of it.

The last two times I went to Disney were both in 2014! Yes, I am that much of a Disney fan that I went twice in one year. The first time I went in 2014 was with two friends and my parents.

The next time that I went in 2014 was with two nurses and one friend. This was the first time I went on a vacation without my parents! When I went in November 2014 Disney was all decorated for the holidays! It was a beautiful sight and we had so much fun.

I can’t wait to go back! Another huge part of having the Diaphragm Pacemaker and my independence is being able to go on these rides without having to worry about a ventilator and tubing. If it wasn’t for the Pacer and being Vent-Free I wouldn’t be able to go on the Tower of Terror and feeling the rush of dropping 12 stories!

Look forward to hearing from all of you! Please feel free to comment and share.