Hey everyone!!! I have another adventure to share with you this week for Nicole‘s corner! I recently visited the Britney Spears Exhibit called The Zone in Los Angeles.

My best friend in New York is a huge fan of Britney and has been since we were little. I am also a big fan but she was so excited that it was happening in California and asked me to go for her and of course I said yes! There are rooms based on each song and rooms based on her awards performances.

The whole experience was complete nostalgia because it had so much history from my childhood. My favorite songs are “Me Against the Music” and “Pieces of Me”. They also have outfits from commercials, music videos, and performances that Britney herself donated.

It was such a fun experience and I would absolutely do it again! I am thankful every day that I’m able to participate in events like this because of my independence with the Avery Diaphragm pacemaker. I wish for nothing more than to inspire those that also have Spinal cord injuries or another diagnosis who are candidates for the diaphragm pacemaker. I wish for all of you to spread the word and share to those who you think might be a good candidate and visit our website for more information.