Hey everyone! For this week’s Nicole’s corner I’m going to tell you about my next concert adventure!!
I recently went to the Panic at the Disco concert at Nassau Coliseum. I have loved them for almost 14 years and it was the first time that I’ve seen them on their own tour. I was even more excited about the show because I love their opening act Hayley Kiyoko as well! After I saw the show at Nassau Coliseum I knew I had to get another show. So the next day I bought tickets to go see them at Madison Square Garden! Both shows were absolutely incredible that I still love them so much 🙂
My summer is still going strong and I look forward to telling you all so much more! I hope that with all my stories I’m able to spread word about my Avery diaphragm Pacemaker and Inspire others to get this system and change their life for the better 🙂