Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend. For this week’s Nicole’s Corner, I’m going to talk about two concerts that I went to this weekend. Concerts are my favorite thing to do and I love them so much that I went to two back-to-back.

The first concert I went to I actually won tickets for through a radio station ticket blitz! A ticket blitz is when you go to a specific location and they randomly draw raffle tickets. I was lucky enough for my number to be called. The concert I went to was a secret country show in which three out of the four artists that were performing were kept a secret until they hit the stage that night. The anticipation made the show even more exciting. I am so excited that I got to see Carly Pearce and Brett Young live! I went with a group of my friends who also love country music.

The next concert I went to was for a band that I have loved for years. It was at the Paramount – Huntington. The artist was Simple Plan. It was their 15th anniversary of their first album. It was also my first time seeing them live! It was so awesome to see songs that I’ve loved for years be performed live for the first time. I also went with a group of my friends that are also Simple Plan fans!

The fact that I was able to go to two concerts two days in a row would not have been possible without my Avery Diaphragm Pacemaker. This device can change so many lives if people just help spread the word. Don’t forget to share and comment!