David enjoying life with the Avery Pacemaker

Any time David went into a relaxed state his O2 levels would drop. This led to his diagnosis of Adult Onset Hypoventilation Syndrome (Central Sleep Apnea). In October 2014, David was implanted by Dr. Samuel Chesier at Stanford University Medical Center to allow him freedom from mechanical ventilation.

David lives in California, overlooking the beautiful Sierra Mountains. He is retired and loves to keep active and be outdoors. He also loves photography and worked as a video technician. David says he is “blessed to have the Avery pacer” and his independence.

The Avery Diaphragm Pacing System is an implanted phrenic nerve or diaphragm stimulator. It consists of surgically implanted electrodes and receivers with an external transmitter and antennas.




Source: ABD-PP-009, Rev B 12/2020

To learn more about the benefits of the Avery pacers for those with a high spinal cord injury, central sleep apnea or diaphragm paralysis, please contact us by mail, phone or through our website.
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