Camila with her parents, viewing ducks and swans at Laguna Trupán

Camila sustained a C1-C2 neonatal spinal cord injury, rendering her ventilator-dependent. In 2019, at nearly two years old, she was implanted with the Avery Diaphragm Pacemaker by Dr. Renato Acuña at Hospitales Los Angeles in Los Angeles, Chile. Her post-op recovery was so smooth that her mother mentioned, “you could hardly tell she had a surgery!” Today, at four years old, Camila is pacing 24/7 and is enjoying life vent-free. She enjoys spending time with family outdoors, doing activities that were much more difficult before pacing.


Camila is all smiles!

Camila having fun drawing

Camila’s mother says, “The pacemaker has been marvelous. We are very comfortable now. We frequently go to the beach and parks. While using the mechanical vent, we were always worried about finding a power source- it was difficult to go out. Now, we are more relaxed since the pacemaker runs on batteries. This has been a great change for the family in general.”




Source: ABD-PP-043, Rev A 08/2021