Dalen enjoying life with the Avery Pacemaker

In 2002, at the age of 52, Dalen fell from a ladder and was rendered a C2 quadriplegic and ventilator dependent.

In 2014, Dalen was implanted with the Avery Diaphragm Pacemaker to replace his mechanical ventilator.  He is now pacing 24/7 and is enjoying his freedom from the ventilator. Since being implanted, his health has improved, and he has not had any infections.

His quality of life is much improved.  His speech is clearer and eating and drinking are easier. This freedom improved his social interactions. He is much more approachable out in public without the vent. Dalen feels more comfortable and secure with the Avery pacer. All in all, Dalen is happier, and “life is better for him on the [Avery] pacer.”

When asked if he was hesitant about being implanted with the Avery Diaphragm Pacer, Dalen stated “I was all for it.”   “The [Avery] pacers give me a little more freedom. I don’t have to worry about carrying a vent on my wheelchair and I don’t have to worry about running out of battery power.”



Source: ABD-PP-019, Rev B 12/2020

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