Niki, representing her foundation

In 2016, Niki, a 21 year old Hungarian woman, became a quadriplegic patient after a serious motorbike accident.  CT and MRI imaging confirmed the fracture of the C-2 vertebra with the compression of the spinal cord. After stabilization of the cervical vertebra, a tracheotomy was performed.

10 months later, her hemodynamic state was stable, and her oxygenation was excellent, although she needed ventilation support. Using an eye control computer, she was able to communicate with her family and friends. 12 months after her accident to the day, she was implanted with the Avery Diaphragm Pacemaker in Uppsala, Sweden.

In Hungary, the rehabilitation for the tetraplegic persons needing ventilation was not available. As a result, she remained in the ICU for 1.5 years. Niki’s main goal was to leave the intensive care unit and return to her home and family. To achieve this, she knew she had to learn how to use her remaining abilities. She knew that the Avery Diaphragm Pacemaker would improve her quality of life and increase her mobility.

Niki has since started the “Never give Up!” foundation to support and inspire people.

Niki says, “if anything happens to me, I am stronger than ever and my dream is to open a new centre in Hungary to inspire children and their families to continue fighting after suffering a catastrophic injury.”



Source: ABD-PP-039, Rev A 12/2020