Brodie, Pacing Since 1980

In 1980, a trampoline accident at college rendered Brodie a C2-C3 quadriplegic at the age of 19.  Approximately four months later, he was implanted with the Avery Diaphragm Pacemaker system, and in 1983, Brodie had his tracheostomy closed.

He then returned to college, completing his master’s degree in Education. According to Brodie, because of the Avery pacers, people are not aware that he is ventilator dependent.   He has gone camping in Yosemite, and he travels frequently utilizing planes, helicopters, cruise ships and even a hot air balloon!

Brodie today using his Avery pace

Brodie states “All of this has been much easier with the [Avery] pacers… much of it has been possible only with the pacers. Because of them, I am healthier, safer, much more comfortable socially, physically and professionally, and able to have an active, somewhat normal life.”

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Is Avery for Me?

The Avery System is indicated for adult and pediatric patients who would otherwise be dependent on mechanical ventilation. Intact or repaired phrenic nerves and functional lungs and diaphragm muscles are necessary for the device to work properly. 

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