Keith loving life with his Avery Pacemaker

In 1996, Keith, an 18-year-old diving and gymnastic enthusiast, suffered an accident on a trampoline which rendered him quadriplegic and ventilator dependent. He had a bilateral intercostal nerve graft and was implanted with the Avery Diaphragm Pacing System. In 1997, after approximately seven months of nerve regeneration, Keith began pacing.

Keith on a trip to the river

Keith says, “Being off the vent during the day, I’ve been able to do so many things. Traveling is so much easier. I spend time at the river. I’m able to take day trips wherever I want. I’ve even flown to Las Vegas.”

Today, Keith lives his life on his terms. Keith stated, “For the past 12 years I have been a diving coach at local high schools. It’s great getting to do the sport that I love in a new capacity.” Way to go Keith!



Source: ABD-PP-021, Rev C 12/2020